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ToughWood is engineered wood used on thousands of other buildings across the world in every type of climate due to its lifelong durability, and integrated resistance properties and overlay.

How does it work?

Four elements of protection gives ToughWood Pent Haus’s unmatched durability:

How its Made Icons_Borate

Zinc Borate

This naturally derived additive helps engineered wood resist damage from fungal decay, rot and mould.

How its Made Icons_Resin


Engineered woods resists impact and survives extreme heat and freezing conditions due to resins that offer incredible strength

How its Made Icons_Wax


Designed to resist moisture, each strand is wax coated to offer enhanced durability in humid and wet environments.

How its Made Icons_Overlay


This final element of protection resists moisture intrusion, providing a durable base for a finished look

ToughWood delivers you

A long life specification requiring low maintenance whilst providing the authentic look of traditional wood cladding but ensuring:

Toughwood Icons PH-01

Ultra tough

Toughwood Icons PH-02

Long life durability

Toughwood Icons PH-03

Resists cracking, chipping, buckling, peeling & more

Toughwood Icons PH-07

Mould & fungal resistant

Toughwood Icons PH-05

Reliable protection in any climate

Toughwood Icons PH-08

Water & moisture resistant

Toughwood Icons PH-09

10+ years warranty

Toughwood Icons PH-04

PEFC certified & PVC free

Toughwood Icons PH-06

Fire resistant

Toughwood Icons PH-10

Low maintenance

Available in 6 colours



Weathered Oak

Weathered Oak

Burnt oak

Burnt Oak

Silver Birch

Silver Birch

Mountain Ash

Mountain Ash



Pent-Haus is shaping the way garden rooms and outdoor building structures are being built, offering a better build with exceptional durability, appearance and added value to your property.

Garden building with exceptional durability & appearance

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